The Peaceful Porcupine Autographed Copy

The Peaceful Porcupine Autographed Copy

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Get a copy of The Peaceful Porcupine autographed by Julie Borowski. 

Discover a heartwarming story that teaches kids about the value of peace.

Nappo the Porcupine has a problem. He looks so scary that none of the other animals want to be his friend! But even though he has sharp claws and a back covered in spikes, he’s really a gentle and peaceful animal – and when he finds a baby rabbit alone and lost in the dark, she learns that he’s not so frightening after all…

Featuring colorful and vibrant illustrations along with a touching story, this beautiful children’s book seeks to teach kids a valuable lesson about the importance of peace and non-aggression. With the loveable character of Nappo the Porcupine, The Peaceful Porcupine shows us that even though these spiky animals look scary and intimidating, they only use their spikes to protect themselves from danger.

Book details:

  • Contains Gorgeous Illustrations and a Cute Story
  • Makes a Fun Read For Both Boys and Girls Aged 3-8
  • Promotes a Valuable Moral Lesson About Peace and Non-Aggression
  • Perfect For Bedtime Stories, For Groups, Reading Aloud, and Even Strengthening Your Child’s Reading Skills


As a thoughtful gift idea for your child, grandchild, nephew or niece, this heartwarming tale will quickly become a treasured part of your bookshelf and your child’s favorite bedtime story.