Hi, my name is Julie Borowski. I'm a political and cultural commentator. You may know me as that goofy girl who does skits on YouTube. I love creating fun and original stuff, so, I created Liberty Junkies.

The mission of Liberty Junkies is simple: to create the best pro-liberty merchandise that the world has ever seen. Everything you find here has been designed by yours truly. Except for, like, the Gadsden Flag. Christopher Gadsden gets all the credit for that one.  

You'll find a wide array of stuff: t-shirts, phone cases, mugs, shoes, and even underwear. I kind of went overboard... it's what I do. And all of it is good quality and not crap. My triblend shirts are as soft as a baby's bottom and you won't stop touching yourself.

What are you waiting for? (That's a rhetorical question.) Please take a look around and get some liberty gear! You won't be disappointed, unless you're a communist. 

And hey, do you want to make some $$$? Join the Liberty Junkies' Ambassador Program here.