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How Can a Libertarian Be Pro-Life?

Your freedom end where another’s freedom begins. You don’t have the right to aggress upon another human being, in or outside the womb. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that stopping a beating heart or dismembering someone falls into the aggression category quite perfectly. 

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How To Improve the Libertarian Movement

By: Julie Borowski The 2016 election cycle was flat out embarrassing for libertarians. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the two most unpopular presidential candidates in more than freaking 30 years of ABC News/Washington Post polling. Among U.S. adults, Clinton had a 56% unfavorability rating, while Trump had 63%.  Great opportunity for the Libertarian Party to swoop in and present itself as a viable alternative, right? Heh. Good one. Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson and former Governor of Massachusetts Bill Weld won the Libertarian Party nominee. The plus side of this ticket was credibility. Both had held public office and had impressive resumes. Gary Johnson’s biggest known accomplishment as governor was vetoing 750 bills, which is bloody awesome.But well, some not-so-awesome...

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