Twitter Suspends AOC Parody Account

By: Julie Borowski

I'm not happy that Twitter has suspended the AOC parody account, @AOCPress.

I can hear it already: "But Julie, it's a private company. They can do whatever they want."

Yes, libertarians. I understand that Twitter is a private company. They are not the government. The First Amendment does not apply to them. Sure, they CAN do whatever they want. And because we have free speech, we are free to complain about or applaud their decisions. In this case, they got it wrong. 

I also understand that Twitter has rules. When we sign up for their site, we agree to these rules. It doesn't matter that 99% of us didn't actually bother to read them. Twitter does not have to give a platform to everyone. For instance, I see no big deal with them banning ISIS, the KKK, or pedos from their site. 

However, I do have a problem when someone gets suspended from their site when they seemingly broke no rules. That leave me wondering: am I next? I don't want to get suspended. How can I avoid getting suspended if I don't know what the rules really are?

Unless I missed something, @AOCPress didn't break any of the rules. I can see Twitter's argument if he was intentionally misleading people into thinking that he was really AOC's press office. But he clearly labeled himself as parody in the bio: 

Yes, a lot of people thought it was real. That's their fault for not clicking on the page. He shouldn't be punished because a lot of people couldn't tell the difference between the real and parody AOC. He did everything he was supposed to do by labeling it parody. 

I can also see Twitter's argument if AOC was a "regular" person. Then it might be considered harrassment. But no, she is a politician. A public figure. Different rules apply because it's honestly part of the job.

There are a lot of Donald Trump parody accounts on Twitter. Sometimes people retweet them as real. Will they be taken down? Of course not. Nor should they. Unless they actually violate Twitter's rules against violence or something. 

I'm really hoping that there is more to the story. Because if not, this is a very clear example of Twitter's political bias. I can't even say "selective enforcement" because I don't even know what rules they are enforcing. @AOCPress did nothing wrong.

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  • Peter

    Julie. I will say it again. Follow the No Agenda Podcast model and you will have now worries about being deplatformed No Agenda is not on any platform. Google No Agenda. They have the first FIFTEEN PAGES of google. Their message is great.

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