15 Great Gifts for Libertarians

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taxation is theft

1. What better way to start this list than a cozy Taxation is Theft "ugly" Christmas sweatshirt? This is the perfect thing to wear Christmas morning to scare your mom. "Uh oh. Jimmy has been reading radical stuff on the Internet again."

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2. But why stop at just clothing? Go all out this year with a Taxation is Theft ceramic ornament for the tree. Oh, and there's also mugs.

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3. More of a gun loving libertarian? We got you! This Come and Take It Christmas sweatshirts is one of our best sellers...cause it's awesome. Especially if you have gun grabbing relatives. Dare ya to wear this one.

Buy it here.


4. Want something you can appreciate all year long? How about this great Come and Take It wall clock. It's a thoughtful gift for conservatives, too. So if you have a dad that you are so close to "converting" to libertarianism...this is perfect for him. 

Get it here.

5. Laptops are expensive! Your family members will appreciate this great and practical Join or Die laptop Sleeve!

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6. Frequent flyer? Afraid someone might accidentally take your suitcase? This Don't Steal, The Government Hates Competition baggage tag is perfect and a great stocking stuffer. Both practical and hilarious. Bonus: it's sends a special message to the TSA.

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7. Is a baby on your Christmas list? Get this CAUTION: Do Not Violate the N.A.P. baby bodysuit. Every parent will agree with me: THERE WILL BE CONSEQUENCES IF YOU WAKE A SLEEPING BABY WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT

Get it here.

8. Of course, it's never too learn about the principles of liberty. Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Toys books are great stocking stuffers for toddlers and young kids.

Get them here.


9. Sometimes kids need to be reminded...this is a great nursery gift for someone 
who is expecting. Don't Hurt People and Don't Take Their Toys...not too hard of a concept!

Get it here.

10. What about those with older children? The Tuttle Twins books do a great job at explaining liberty and free market economics to kids 6 to 11 years old. I have heard many positive things from parents! 

Get it here.

11. And what about some clothes for freedom loving kids? Liberty Junkies has clothes for kids who love to embrace their individualism. Like this AWESOME Dare to Be Different Space Shirt. Man, I wish I had that when I was a kid.

Get it here.

12. Of course, learning isn't just for kids! We should all strive to be life long learners! That's why Liberty Classroom is great. It teaches us the economics and history our teachers (likely) never taught us. 

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13. While you are on Liberty Classroom, you can drink from one of our great liberty mugs. Like this Murray Rothbard one: I got 99 Problems and the Government is Responsible For All Of Them mug. 

Get it here.


14. And don't forget to wear your Murray Rothbard Christmas sweatshirt! Black and yellow... just the way he would have liked it. 

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15. For extra credit, wear this Make Money Great Again t-shirt underneath. You can never be too stylish for liberty.

Get it here.

Murray Christmas! 

Don't see anything here that catches your eye? Check out everything else we have here.










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  • JM

    Some additional great libertarian gifts (including Julie’s awesome children’s book) are here if you need even more gift ideas: https://www.artforliberty.com/top-libertarian-christmas-gifts/

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