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Twitter Suspends AOC Parody Account

By: Julie BorowskiI'm not happy that Twitter has suspended the AOC parody account, @AOCPress.I can hear it already: "But Julie, it's a private company. They can do whatever they want."Yes, libertarians. I understand that Twitter is a private company. They are not the government. The First Amendment does not apply to them. Sure, they CAN do whatever they want. And because we have free speech, we are free to complain about or applaud their decisions. In this case, they got it wrong. I also understand that Twitter has rules. When we sign up for their site, we agree to these rules. It doesn't matter that 99% of us didn't actually bother to read them. Twitter does not have to give a...

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Have Some Sympathy for Millennials

Yes, millennials get a bad rap. Sometimes it’s well deserved. Too many of us think socialism is cool and we use words like “adulting” when doing basic tasks expected of fully grown humans.But some of our complaints are valid. We got dealt a crappy hand and it’s causing us to delay the best parts of life. 

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2018 Christmas Order Deadlines

We have a wide variety of custom made to order products. This means that our products have different production times and some will take longer to arrive than others. Please see below for the recommended US order deadlines to get your items before Christmas. An order placed after this date may arrive on time, but we err on the side of caution as this is a very busy time for our suppliers and winter storms can impact delivery times.December 5th for headphones, wine tumblers, cutting boards, door mats, bed sheets, blankets, phone cases, stockings, beer steins, socks, notebooks, pillows, shoes, shower curtains, dog beds, Christmas cards, key chains, plates, and accessory pouches. December 11th for shirts, hoodies, baby bodysuits, sweatshirts, hats, sport bras, skirts,...

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